Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What do you eat?

Hej, Guten Morgen, Hello.
I am not in the mood to write in Russian today so this post is gonna be my complete disaster in English. 
I was always interested in healthy food, how it can affect on our health and our organisms and I started reading books like "Skinny bitch" that is written by one model who tells about milk and meat. I don't want you try to follow my lifestyle or something, I just want to share with you what I think about food.

Let's start from junk food. Advantages: it spares your time and you should not stay near the stove and cook for a long period of time. Is it healthy? Never ever ever! It contains a lot of chemicals and kind of  "not natural components" as I name it. 

So what should we do? Ok, we can take care of our heath and cook something that nature gives us. That's awesome BUT once you won't have time again so what will you do?

I have a choice. To my mind for every person it's extremely important to eat vegetables, fruits everyday. First of all it's healthy. Products that nature gives us (c.) what can be better?

I know, you think that's crazy but you even can't imagine how it can help you. Not chocolate or something, fruits. It contains vitamins and it can be as sweet as chocolate! We should to replace preparing food to natural food. 

Meat (!) I am not a vegetarian but I don't eat meat of animals at all. Sometimes I eat chicken and I like it so much but I do it about 5 times in a month. I don't hate it or like some people when I look at meat I feel a disgust, I don't. I just don't like it.

And one more topic for discussing is water. The average adult human body is 50-65% water so what does it mean? We should support this balance of water in our organisms. I like drinking water but I noticed that my skin doesn't get enough water everyday so my choice is to have a bottle of water in my bag. You should remember that every person need to drink about 1,5 liter of water.If you have some ideas you are always welcome. I'd like to listen to YOU.

Have a good time!

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