Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lauren Conrad waredrobe essentials

I think many of young ladies have this book. If someone does not know, its Lauren Conrad "Style". There are a lot of different advices about keeping your waredrobe tidy, how to spend money for clothes and shoes and many many other things.

First pages are dedicated to waredrobe essentionals like denim jeans, black little dress and etc. and today I decided to write a post about my essentials. Lets get started!
And there are some of my essentials.

Little black dress.
What Lauren says: When I'm completely at a loss for what to wear. this is one of my favorite go-tos, particulary if I need to look extra polished
What I say: Little charming dress, it looks good in any time so my choice is a black dress from Vero Moda that I bought about a year ago and I absolutely love it!

What Lauren says: Denim is necessary in any waredrobe.
What I say: I absolutely agree with Lauren. I love jeans and have a lot of them. You should find a pair that suits you perfectly!

Black Heels.
What Lauren says: I have a pair not spectacular but comfortable and practical ones and I found something in between - from that mystical land of comfortable and stunning footwear.
What I say:  My variant is not black. I bought them about a year ago too and I can't live without them because they are absolutely amazing! Very comfortable. Every girl or woman should own such pair.

What Lauren says: A well-cut jacket is a great layering piece, plus it can pull any outfit together and make it look more polished.
What I say: I am a big fan of blazers. I have red, green, blue and orange blazers. It suits your figure and you look more official and serious. Just must have!

What Lauren says: Everything looks great in a coat. And while a coat's main purpose is to keep you warm, you can score one that's fashionable and functional.
What I say: And again Lauren is absolutely right. Her adviced really helped me and now my waredrobe is much more organized. Love my zara coat soo much!

Thats all. Hope this post hepled you somehow and stay cool. Love you all!


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  1. как же я хочу купить эту книгу!